BSC Details


According to Madagascar regulations (Order n° 01/MFB/SG/DGD – 2007) 24 March 2007, All cargo shipped to Madagascar requires a Cargo tracking note called Bordereau de Suivi des Cargaisons (BSC). BSC certicate is an obligation by Madagascar authorities for all cargo shipments that take voyage to theisland. This particular certicate enables the Malagasy authorities to control, track and identify all necessary information on cargo. Madagascar BSC must be acquired by the shipper or the forwarder, at least 3 days before the submission of the declaration.

Why Do You Need BSC?

Failing to submit the BSC certicate, cargo cannot be cleared and will be sent back to origin. Customs Declaration amendments are subject to a ne of 2500 USD per Bill of lading. This amount will be debited to the agency that requests the correction.

What is BSC?

BSC is another name for a waiver document and it stands for Bordereau de Suivi de Cargaison. This particular document is required for shipments that go to Mali, Sierra Leone Niger, Senegal, Madagascar and Ivory Coast.